TreeTop Barbie

**We regret that ICAN’s TreeTop Barbie is currently out of production.**

ICAN presents TreeTop Barbie: a rugged, yet fashionable Barbie doll who has all the gear she needs to climb in the forest canopy and uncover its mysteries. The goal of the TreeTop Barbie project is to raise consciousness among young girls (and boys!) about the importance of forest canopy organisms and interactions. TreeTop Barbie will provide you and your child an alternative to the mainstream Barbie doll image.

We present to you a Barbie who is active, capable of climbing tall trees, and enthusiastic about collecting scientific data. TreeTop Barbie’s field clothes are hand sewn and include rough and tumble climbing pants, field vest (complete with field notebook), helmet, boots, and appropriate climbing gear (rope and harness). TreeTop Barbie, armed with her binoculars and trusty field guide (both Barbie- and big kid-sized) is ready to identify plants and animals found in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

The TreeTop Barbie Project is supported by The American Association for the Advancement of Science and has received media attention from the New York Times Science Times Section as well as other newspapers.spanish english translations

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