ICAN Researcher Directories

Tri-annually, ICAN publishes a Forest Canopy Directory containing over 800 entries of researchers, students, and interested parties from around the world. Entries are organized both alphabetically and by region. ICAN Members receive directories for free. A further benefit to ICAN members includes the posting of their Curriculum Vitae on our website. Contact the ICAN office to post your CV.

Lowman, Margaret D.
Amedegnato-Loisele, Christine
Marques, Marinez I.
Brown, Kim J.
Meinzer, Frederick C.
Cermak, Jan
Miller, Scott
Ceulemans, Reinhart
Moomaw, William R.
Cobb, Alex
Nadkarni, Nalini
Cordell, Susan
North, Malcolm
Esseen, Per-Anders
Rosentreter, Roger
Henshaw, Donald L.
Ryan, Michael G.
Keller, Harold W.
Shaw, David C.
Kloeppel, Brian D.
Weishampel, John F.
Koike, Fumito
Wolf, Jan H.D.
Leverenz, Jerry W.
Wright, S. Joseph
Lisenmair, K.E.
Yumoto, Takakazu

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